Poor little drumer boy standin' in a dress (angry_loner) wrote in metal__militia,
Poor little drumer boy standin' in a dress

Typ1. Your Name, Age, and Location
M. Robert Westley, Enid OK.

2. Name some of your favorite bands pre-1990 (Peak of populrity, not formation. That gets confusing.)
Iggy and the Stooges, The Creation, The Who, Syd Barrett, Hendrix, Neil Young, The Band, Jesus and mary chain, The Clash, The MC5, John Lee Hooker, Blind Willie Johnson, Velvet underground, Taj Mahall, The Beatles, Lennon (solo), The Faces, The stones, Nick Drake, Os mutantes, Pete Seeger, The Kinks, David Bowie, Husker du, Tom Waits, Link wray, Sabbath, The buzzcocks ... I think thats enough for now.

3. Name some of your favorite bands post-1990
White zombie, Butthole surfers, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Dozer, My bloody valentine, Nebula, Janes addiction, PUSA, Blur, Autolux, Frank black(but not the pixies), Radiohead, The Eels, The flaming lips, (Old) Beck, (The early) white stripes, The Soledad Bros., Clutch, The Jon Spencer blues explosion, Boss Hogg, Primus, The Raveonettes, Queens of the stone age, Way more stuff that I dont feel like thinking of right now.

4. Last album you purchased
The Flaming lips - At war with the mystics.

5. Last concert you went to
Bob Dylan, Springfield MO.

6. What are you listening to now
My bloody valentine

7. Name 5 favorite movies
Evil dead trilogy, Punch drunk love, Blood and donuts, Rushmore, Fear and loathing.

8. Tell us some hobbies of yours
Playing guitar, Restoring my 78 pontiac phoenix, Getting busy with my girlfriend, Drawing, Working out.

9. Explain why you think you’re rock
I think I turned out rock because I spent my adolescance as a hobo. Hitchiked away accross the USA.

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